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Hi friends, welcome to Lost in the Right Direction!  I'm Jenn, a 20-something travel lover, book nerd, fitness nut, and new Army Wife.  I started blogging a few years ago, but I started this new blog when my husband joined the Army. 

My husband, Josh, and I got married in May of 2014, we had plans to rent our townhouse for a year and then buy a house here in MD - then our plans got a bit derailed.  We'd both been working at the same place for many years when we were suddenly thrown for a loop during a massive layoff in the middle of 2015, which Josh was included in.  That was the start of our Army journey.  Josh signed the papers at MEPS in July of 2015 and left for basic training in January of 2016, and our lives and plans have drastically changed.  

This blog is mainly for me to document our lives during Josh's time in the Army and connect with other military spouses, but also to share my love of travel and books.   So, I hope you'll follow along as I try to figure out military life and explore our new home, Fort Drum.

Here are a few random facts about me, because lists and random facts are fun:
  • I love to read.  It's probably the only hobby I've stuck with through my whole life. (Follow me on GoodReads).
  • Arrow and Chicago PD are my current favorite shows.   Josh and I actually met Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy at Comic Con *nerd alert*.
  • I love to travel and always have.  My first trip abroad was to Canada in 1998 which sparked my curiosity about the world but it was my trip to Colorado in 2005 that really started my love of travel.  Since then I have been to approximately  20 states and 15 countries. 
  • I am a vegetarian and a bit of a health and fitness nut.  I am working on getting certified as a personal trainer and fitness instructor.
  • I love tattoos.  I have 4 so far - Arm, Back/Neck, Hip and Foot.  I have plans for about three more.
  • Whatever the opposite of a Type A personality is, that's me.  I hate planning, I am neat and clean but definitely not organized, and I forget everything.  

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