Art and Church: Ottawa, Canada

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

After viewing the Parliament Building from Major's Hill Park, headed towards this cool looking glass building.  We had no idea what it was, but we intended to find out!  Much to Heather's delight, the building ended up being the National Gallery of Canada.  She's an art person but I am not so I'm the one who suggested going in (because this trip was not all about me ;)), it ended up being about $9 per person in American dollars ($15 in Canadian) so we decided to look around.  We looked around the Modern Art and Renaissance art areas (neither of us was that interested in the Canadian Native Art).   The building was absolutely beautiful and as much as I don't like art museums, I didn't mind this one.

Right across the street from the Gallery was Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica.  I'm not a particularly religious person, but I love going into older churches because they're always gorgeous, and this one did not disappoint!  It was absolutely gorgeous and there was hardly anyone in there!

I'd recommend a visit to both places if you are in Ottawa.  I'm not an art person but I love some cool looking buildings so even if you don't go inside, definitely take a short walk to see the Gallery and definitely go into the church, it's obviously free and definitely worth checking out. 

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