2017 Goals

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

At the beginning of 2016 I made some goals that were a bit hard to measure and a bit vague.  I pretty much forgot about them in a week.  This year I set more realistic goals and plan to do monthly blog posts about my progress to keep myself accountable.  Here are my goals for 2017:

1. Switch to a Vegan Diet
This is my main goal for 2017.  About 2.5 years ago I decided to eliminate meat from my diet.  I did this cold turkey and the first few months were really difficult, especially when I would go out to eat.  After those first few months it became easier and easier, and now I can't imagine ever eating meat again.  Switching to a vegan diet will be even harder, so I've decided that cold turkey is not the way to do it.  I'm taking a bit of a different approach to this and switching by meal.   I've been working on breakfast first because it's my biggest meal of the day.  Even if I work in the morning, I don't have to leave until 1015, so I always have time for breakfast.  After I have breakfast down I'll switch to Lunch and then Dinner.  I eat a medium sized lunch and a small dinner (mostly because I work through dinner and don't want to eat too much when I get off work), so it makes sense to me to do it this way.   I already have most of my snacks down since most of my snacks happened to be vegan already.   This is going to be a long process, but I hope to be 99.2% vegan by the end of the year (the only thing I wont give up is Crabs.  I'm from MD, they kick you out for that ;) ).

2. Focus on my Health
This goes right along with going vegan.  I really want to focus on my health this year and I have a lot of plans for this.  I plan to get outside a lot this summer, especially with my Bolt pup, and I plan to stick to a good routine at the gym.   I have a whole post planned about my health and fitness goals.

3. Focus on Bolts Training
We took Bolt to training at Petco and while I did learn some things, overall it was a waste of time and money for me.  I spent most of the time trying to control him because he wanted to play with the other dogs and there was only a few times where we actually interacted with our dogs.  He's definitely not a bad dog but there are some behavior issues we'd like to improve.   I bough Cesar Millan's book about correcting dog behavior so hopefully that will be more helpful.  There is also a place nearby that does Canine Good Citizen classes and I would love to get him into that, but he needs to be pretty well trained beforehand. 

4. Photo 365 on Instagram
 This is my fun goal for the year.   Since Josh will be gone for a good 3/4 of the year, I thought this would be a fun way for him to see what Bolt and I are up to.  It's also a fun way to document the year.  I've already started with this goal on Instagram with the hashtag #JLRich365.   Prepare to see lots of adorable dog pictures and vegan meal pictures, and once it warms up, hopefully you'll be seeing lots of winery and travel photos.

5. No Spend Year
Over the last few months I've realized that Josh and I spend too much money on dumb shit and stuff we don't need.  So, this year we've decided on a no-spend year.  No buying crap we don't need, no random trips to the PX, and no going out to eat.  Josh will be in Europe for most of the year so of course he's going to want to do a bit of exploring, which is fine and same with me exploring around here.  We just want to stop the impulse spending.   Hopefully with this, we can pay some debt off earlier than planned.

6. School: Go back and maintain 4.0
 I got accepted to the Paralegal program at the local community college but I haven't yet found out if I got financial aid yet.  So my going to school depends on that and I wont know anything until probably March or April.   If I do go back to school, I want to maintain a 4.0 gpa.  I graduated my criminal justice program with a 4.0 and I want to keep that up.

7.  Finish the 50 States Reading Challenge
I've written a full post about this goal which will go up tomorrow, so check back for this goal along with my one other reading goal for the year.

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