Life Update: November

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

November was probably the most uneventful month I've had this year.  It's consisted of a lot of working and hanging out at home with Bolt. 

We finished up with Bolts doggy classes.  Unfortunately, everything he learned seemed to leave him after we boarded him when we went to MD.  Walking with him is a nightmare again and I feel like we're starting from the beginning and it's frustrating as hell.  At least I know what to do this time. 

We drove home to MD for Thanksgiving with my family.  I hate that drive but it was really nice to be home and around family.   We had dinner with my Dad's side and it was nice to see everyone.  I also managed to catch up with a few friends and so did Josh.   My sister and I went Black Friday shopping which was great because I got most of my Christmas shopping done.

I had my first FRG meeting which, unfortunately, was a lot smaller than I thought and I really didn't have a chance to meet anyone.   I will keep going to the meetings though, and there are a few events I want to try to get involved with if my work schedule allows. 

I did stay up for most of the night to see who would become our next president.  I'm not going to tell you my thoughts on the results but what I will say is that the fact that colleges cancelled classes and offered safe spaces to their students after the elections is exactly why Trump won.  I don't care what side you're on, that crap is ridiculous.

Ugh. Snow.  It's already snowed quite a bit up here and I'm already over it.

Plans For December

Family Christmas Dinner.  My Dad's side of the family always has a huge dinner where everyone gets together at a restaurant (different every year) and catches up.  There have been years where 50 people show up.  It's always a good time and so nice to see everyone!

Figure out something to do for Christmas.  Josh and I wont be going home for Christmas this year, so I'd like to do something.  Even if it's just a nice dinner by ourselves.  We may invite some of the single soldiers, who aren't going home, over for dinner.

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