Winchester Mystery House

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

On our last day in California we left camp and headed into San Jose for the night before our flight out the next morning.  We had a choice of things to do and before we left on the trip we all voted on the Winchester Mystery House.  It was a great choice!

This house was built in 1884 and was under construction until Sarah Winchesters death is 1922.  The story is that Mrs. Winchester thought that she was haunted by those who were killed by Winchester Rifles and if she kept building up the house, they wouldn't get to her.  The house was actually 7 stories high until the 1906 earthquake and is now 4 stories.  It is filled with stairways that lead to the ceiling, doors that open to nothing, and windows which are inside the house and look to other parts of the house.  With 160 rooms, this place was definitely huge and easy to get lost in.

 We took one of the guided tours and it was very informative.  The guide did a great job and did not rush us.   He knew his information and was able to confidently answer our questions.  If you are ever in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area, I would highly recommend a visit.

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