Life Update: October

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I feel like October didn't even happen!  It just flew by!  This month was all about settling in and finding a bit of a routine.  I got into a good gym schedule, I got Bolt on a pretty good walk schedule, and I'm starting to enjoy my job a bit more.

We're trying to get on a budget so we didn't do much this month, but we did manage to do a few fun things.   Labor day weekend we visited 2 wineries, Coyote Moon Vineyards for their harvest festival, and Thousand Island Winery.

We started Bolt's obedience classes at the beginning of the month and they've been super helpful!  He is so much better on walks and we have nailed so many commands.  He's really smart and catches on really fast.   We've been working really hard and he has his test next Monday, then we're either done or we move on to the second part.  I'm not sure yet if we're going to continue on.

I took Bolt on a local trail, Black River Trial, which was beautiful but Bolt was so bad.  We definitely weren't ready for that and have been working more diligently on his loose leash walking.  I really loved this trail though, especially with the fall leaves, so we will definitely be going back at some point.

On Halloween, Josh and I went to the Burrville Cider Mill.   It's a local cider mill where you can watch them press the apples and it has a beautiful waterfall behind it.  Unfortunately, we went on a day that they weren't pressing but we did see the waterfall and bought some yummy apple cider, apple crisps, and apple cider donuts!  All were delicious!

That pretty much sums up my month.   Nothing too exciting but it is nice to finally be setting in up here.  I miss my family a lot but other than that it's been going pretty well.

Plans for November

We're going home for Thanksgiving.  I'm super excited to see family and watch Gilmore Girls with my Mom and Sister.  However, I am super nervous about boarding Bolt.  We can't take him because my Mom's dog doesn't do well with other dogs so we have to leave him behind.  He spent most of his life in a shelter so I don't want him to think we're abandoning him :(  I'm kind of blocking this out of my mind for now.

Get the garage unpacked and organized.  I feel like I should have this done already but I just haven't been motivated.  I think I'm going to do this tomorrow - we'll see how that goes.  I just want to get it done before it gets super cold and we're having a fairly mild week this week.

I have my first FRG meeting this week.  I'm excited to meet some people and get to know the wives of Josh's company.  Hopefully it goes well :)

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