101 in 1001: Fourth Update

Monday, November 14, 2016


Watch Josh Graduate AIT: Completed 08/25/16

Pay off all Credit Cards: I kind of cheated on this one.  I paid off my two credit cards with a personal loan and then closed all of our credit cards except for my Southwest card.  The personal loan is more per month but the interest and the payoff amount is much lower than if I just tried to pay off the credit cards.  Plus, I'll pay off that personal loan with our taxes in February.  The credit cards were just killing me with the interest.

Have Biweekly Family Dinners: I didn't really keep track of this but I know I was at my mom's house at least twice per month for spaghetti dinners.  So, I'm not 100% sure I reached this goal but I'm pretty sure that I did.  I also had a few dinners with my Dad and Granny. 

Have a monthly sister date: This was one of those things that was obviously meant for before our move.  We can't exactly have monthly dates when I am 6/7 hours away.  I am happy to say that we did mange to have at least one sister date per month from November to August!  Because of the Holidays we didn't really do this in November or December but it's not like I didn't see her a bunch of times, so I'm counting it.   January we just chilled at her house.  February we went to the movies and watched 13 Hours and we also had a Fuller House marathon at my house.  March we finished Fuller House and went to lunch.   In April, we went to Annapolis for the day.  I forget what we did in May but I know we did something.  In June, we saw Me Before You in theaters and went to a Brantley Gilbert Concert.  In July, we had a random lunch date.   In August, we saw Nerve in theaters and went to Busch Gardens/Williamsburg.

Organize Important Documents: All of this had to be done before our move.  I got a PCS binder and put all of our important information in there.  This is also where I keep all papers regarding Bolt.

Sell Books I Wont Read Again: I actually gave most of them to friends, I only sold a few.  I'm counting this because either way, the books are no longer in my possession.

Organize Our Move:  It's done and I don't want to talk about it.

Find a Job in NY: I started hosting at TGI Friday's about a week after we moved.  Definitely not a dream job but it keeps me busy and it keeps money in my pocket, so whatever.   I've come to terms with the fact that I probably wont get a great job until Josh gets out of the Army.

 Visit Boldt Castle: Read about our trip here.

Invest in a New Blog Layout/Design: My blog seriously needed a makeover!  I finally purchased this design on September 12th.  I'm really happy with it, it's simple and functional which is what I wanted.

Clean Up My Blog Reading List:  I had bloggers on my reading list that are no longer blogging, I had blogs that I just wasn't reading or interacting with.  I went through and cleaned up my reading list.  I also made a few categories such as "MD Bloggers" "Military Spouses" "Travel Blogs" etc.   I'm definitely glad I did this!


  Visit at least 10 Vineyards in NY: (2/10):
Coyote Moon Vineyard - 10/8/16
Thousand Islands Winery - 10/10/16


Visit Jamestown: Completed 6/26/16
Go to a concert with Laurie: Completed 6/20/16
Pay off my car: Completed 02/24/16
Get my Military ID:  Completed 02/17/16
Write weekly letters to Josh during Basic:  Last letter was sent at the beginning of March because that was the cutoff.
Visit Charleston, SC: Completed 03/21/16
Watch Josh Graduate Basic Training: Completed 03/23/16
Visit AnnapolisCompleted 04/30/16
Visit Yorktown Completed 3/24/15 
Double Savings in one year - Well, that happened a lot faster than I thought!

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