Thousand Island Winery

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Josh and I both happened to have off on Columbus day so we decided we wanted to do something fun before I had to take Bolt to doggy school.  We decided to make it a wine themed weekend and check out Thousand Island Winery in Alexandria Bay.

LOVED IT!  This is definitely a place where we will be taking all of our visitors! The winery is beautiful and the staff was great.  They have a few different tasting options all at a great price.  4 wines for free, 6 for $1, or 10 for $5.  I tried 10 and Josh tried 6.  All of the wines were so good! They also had a beer tasting for $5 which Josh did while I looked around and picked out wines for us to take home.

My favorite part of the day was the tour of the winery.  It was just me and Josh so we got to ask a lot of questions and we really learned a lot about the wine making process.   Our guides name was Tim and he clearly knew his stuff.  He was able to tell us about a bunch of different machines used to filter the wine, he was able to tell us about the way NY wineries support each other, and he was able to share where the wines are stored and what they're stored in.  I highly recommend requesting a tour!  The place is seriously beautiful!  I can't wait to go back, and going here made me more excited to check out the other beautiful wineries in the area.

My Favorite Wines
Honey Harbor Mead
Cocoa Island
Raspberry Isle

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