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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If you read my monthly update, you know that Josh and I adopted a dog from the SPCA a few days after we moved to NY.   Josh and I had been watching the site for a few weeks now.  One thing we realized was that dogs go super fast from this place, which is a good thing but it made it hard to really look until we were actually here.

Our first day here I noticed a little beagle and I wanted him but unfortunately for me he got adopted super fast.  We decided to go to the SPCA and pick up an application just so that if we saw a dog we really wanted, we could fill the application out super fast and hand it in.  When we visited all I wanted was to get an application and get out.  Places like that are really hard for me, it breaks my heart that these dogs were abandoned.  Somehow I ended up in the back room looking at the dogs.  I cried when we left and refused to go back.  Josh and I really liked Bolt.  We had actually looked past him on the website because we thought he was a pit mix which we're not allowed to have on post.  Lucky for us the guy told us he is a Shepherd mix.   There was another dog there that I also liked, Jasper, who was a senior Beagle.  We ended up putting in an application for Bolt the next day (Josh took it) and were told that there were two applications ahead of us, but to call back on Wednesday to see if anything changed (this was on Sunday).  By Tuesday they had called us and said the other applications backed out and we could pick him up whenever!  

After a trip to Petco and target I was on my way to pick him up (I didn't have to go in the back room).  I asked about Jasper when I went and was told that he was going home the next day.  If he hadn't been adopted within two weeks, I was going to go get him, too.  Bolt is good with other dogs so it wouldn't have been an issue.   When they finally brought him out to me he was going nuts.  I don't think he'd ever been so happy to get into a car!  It was definitely a long drive home! 

When he got to our house the first thing he did was pee on the living room floor.  I found out a little later that, that was our fault.  We should have taken him straight to the back yard.  Luckily he is fully potty trained and that was the only issue we had.   Our main issue is biting.  He is a herding dog so he nips at my calf when I walk and he is really mouthy when he's playing.  We've also had some issues leash training him.  We we're trying to deal with the issues ourselves but he is super stubborn.  We started adult dog training classes (he is 1 year and 2 months old) at the beginning of October and it's been super helpful! 

Overall he's a great dog and we're so happy to have him!  I'll definitely be posting Bolt updates periodically. You can also find him on my Snapchat: jennyferlr

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