Life Update: September

Thursday, October 6, 2016

This month started with Packout Day.  To say it was stressful would be an understatement. Usually when a company says they'll be at your house at a certain time, they're at least 15 minutes late.  Not these guys, they were right on time.  Normally that would have made me happy, but I was so unprepared.  They started in the basement which gave me some time to get myself and the stuff we wanted to take in our cars, together.   The rest of the time I pretty much felt useless and like I was in the way.  Our house was small so there really wasn't anywhere to retreat to, to get out of their way.  They got the job done by 430pm and the guys were super nice and super professional.  I honestly have nothing bad to say about them.

After the packers left, we cleaned the basement level and then just called it a day.  We stayed with my Mom for the next few days, so we headed to her house for dinner and sleep.  The next day was spent packing our cars and cleaning the other two levels of the house.  It took from about 9am to 430.  We didn't have to do too good of a job because the landlord is selling and has to do a lot of work, but I also didn't want to leave it looking bad either.

On our last day in MD, my Mom had a party for the family so that Josh and I could see everyone before we left.  We had a great time seeing everyone and eating crabs.

Moving day started around 8am on September 4th.  Josh had to check in before midnight and it is a 6-7 hour drive, so we weren't too worried.  We had breakfast with Mom, stopped by Dad's  house and then hit the road.  We stopped twice, once for food and once for a restroom.  We ended up getting there around 5pm ish.  Overall, the drive was pretty smooth.  We hit traffic one time and it wasn't that bad.  We were able to go right to our new apartment, unload all of the stuff we packed in our cars and go get some dinner.  Overall, the first day went really well. 

Since we didn't have our stuff for the first almost three weeks, we made sure to get out of the house a lot.  The first few days we went to Westcott Beach State Park, and we also checked out the mall.  There was a store there run by a local vineyard, so we did a wine tasting and ended up getting two bottles.  We also went to the movie theater in the mall and finally saw Suicide Squad. 

I managed to find a job within the first week.  I am hosting at TGI Friday's.  Definitely not my dream job and I feel a bit like I took a step backwards in the job world, but it's money.

The second weekend we visited Robert Wehle State Park which you can read about by clicking the link.

We also visited Boldt Castle and Alexandria Bay.  We absolutely loved it and I know it'll be one of those places I take all of our visitors.  I can't wait to share about our day there with you all!

Josh and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while now.  We ended up at the SPCA one day (I cried when we left and refused to go back) and looked at some of the dogs.  Josh and I really liked a Shepherd Mix named Bolt.   Josh went back the next day to take him out and fell in love with him.  He put in an application but there were two people in front of us, so we never thought we'd get him.  We got a call two days later that both people backed out and we could come pick him up any time!  I'll be writing a whole post about him soon.  He's a total pain in the ass but we love him to death.

Two days after bringing Bolt home, we finally got our stuff!  After sleeping on an air mattress for all that time, I almost kissed my mattress when the brought it in!  Luckily only two things were damaged and nothing was lost.  We're still not completely unpacked but we're getting there and all of the important rooms are done. 

The rest of the month was just adjusting.  Adjusting to new jobs, to having a high energy dog, to living on post, and to our new place. 

Plans For October

There is a Harvest Festival at a local winery this weekend, and we plan to go.  I'm super excited about it!

I have been trying out all of the classes offered at the gym and I plan to get a good routine going with that.  I really like a lot of the classes that I've been to. 

Josh will be gone for almost two weeks and I plan to finish as much of the house as I can.  Some things I can't do because we need to buy stuff but some stuff we've just been lazy with. 

We are taking Bolt to training classes.  He likes to bite (not aggressively) and he knows his commands but only listens when he wants to.  We start classes on Monday and I can't wait!

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