Boldt Castle: The Power House

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Admission to Boldt Castle includes all of the buildings on Heart Island as well as the gardens.  My favorite of the buildings was the power house.  It looks like a mini castle, complete with bridge and a moat.   It was designed to look like a medieval tower.  This power house originally housed two generators that could power the entire island.  Pieces of the equipment are now on display in the power house, but most of it was lost in the time that heart island was abandoned.   There was a sign saying what the upstairs part was used for but it wasn't interesting, so I can't remember.

This was the first building that Josh and I came upon after we exited the basement of the castle.  We spent a good deal of time here reading about life in the early 1900's and taking a million pictures of the gorgeous structure.

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