Boldt Castle: Other Structures

Thursday, October 13, 2016

There are a few other structures on Heart Island that are worth checking out but didn't quite warrant their own post. 

The Gazebo is located outside of Alster Tower, halfway between the tower and the castle.  There is nothing particularly significant about it, but it's cute. 

The entry arch was incomplete when construction stopped on Heart Island and remains incomplete today.  It was supposed to include a covered walk off of each side of the arch and there was going to be a drawbridge in the opening.  I really wish it had been completed, it sounds really neat.  The arch is obviously modeled after Roman monuments. 

The Dove-Cote used to house the water tank which provided water to all the structures on the island.  On the top there is a dove house where the Boldt's were going to raise fancy birds. 

The yacht house is actually not on the island but for an additional fee, you can take a boat over to see all the yachts and boats.  Josh and I opted not to do that this time around, but we were able to see it and get some photos from the Island.

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