Westcott Beach State Park

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our first full day in New York happened to be labor day, therefore Josh did not have to work.  We decided we wanted to get outside and do some exploring.  We settled on nearby Westcott Beach State Park so we could see Lake Ontario.   We arrived to a bit of a surprise. State parks in Maryland are free, state parks in New York are not.   Luckily the price wasn't bad and we went ahead on in.   Parking is a short walk from the small beach and the lake.   We spent a good hour or so walking along the path and taking in beautiful Lake Ontario.   I saw on the map that there was a hiking trail not far from the beach so we decided to check it out.  To be honest, it wasn't worth it at all.  It was really just a small walking trail with no altitude or anything exciting.   We ended up heading back to the lake and then on to Watertown to get some food.

We will definitely come back here in the summer months next year to cool off a bit and swim in the lake!

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