Life Update: August

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I feel like I've been saying this all summer, but holy crap, this month has just flown by!  It feels like it didn't even happen!

At the beginning of the month, my sister randomly called me and asked me if I wanted to go to dinner.  We ended up eating at Famous Daves.  I love their fries and Salmon!  This technically took care of our sister date for the month, but we still did a lot more.

I was super shocked that only a week after completing our application for post housing, we were contacted and offered a home on post!  Later in the month we got our address and official move-in date.   Of course, the first thing I did when we got the address is look it up on google maps.  There are a few gyms on base and we are super close to one of them and also super close to the library!  I could not be more excited!   This is especially good since I recently discovered that the closest Barnes and Noble is in Syracuse, 1.5 hours away!  The only book store is a small used book store.

I had three friends who were all pregnant at the same time and due around the same time.  Kristine, the friend with the latest due date, had her shower this month.  It was so much fun to see friends and celebrate her and baby Abigail.  She is due any time now!  The two other friends had their babies at the beginning of the month two days apart, and both girls!

After the shower, I headed to a place called Sunset Cove in Dundalk to get drinks with two of my ex-coworkers.  Melissa was my boss and Nicole was a coworker who is now a cop.  We had a great time catching up and had some delicious drinks!  Melissas boyfriend came a bit later to hang out with us.  He also used to work at our site, it was good to see him again!

One of my favorite parts of this month was having lunch in Annapolis with my Eurotrip girls, Brittney and Meagan.   We had lunch at Middleton Tavern in downtown Annapolis and then just wandered.  We ended up at the Naval Academy where we did some more wandering, choosing not to do the guided tour.  It's so great catching up with them and I'm so glad I got to see them both before I moved.  I'm really hoping to have them both up for a visit sometime in the near future!

My Mom had thyroid surgery in the middle of the month, everything went well and she was recovering really well.  Then the Doctor told her she had some precancerous cells and that they needed to take the rest of her thyroid, which happened at the end of the month.  Luckily all went well with that surgery, too.  Since she couldn't do much until her stitches came out, I was tasked with the lovely job of walking Charlie, her beagle, for the first few days after each surgery.  Charlie is just so fun to walk because he gets himself all wound up at the beginning of the walk and has to pee on everything.  Boys. 

My sister and I decided to see the movie Nerve for our monthly sister date.  We really liked it!  We'd been wanting to see it for a while and it really lived up to our expectations.

Probably the worst thing to happen all month was on the 12th.  I was at work and it was about an hour before the end of my shift.  I saw on the camera that one of the guys on a forklift was speeding up to the guard shack.  That was weird to me because they just don't drive like maniacs, so I walked outside and was waiting for him when he got to us.  He told me that someone had been hurt on the pier and that an ambulance would be coming.  He didn't give much detail but told me that sending the other officer for first aid wasn't necessary because the guy was on the ship.  Then one of the mechanics came up to meet the ambulance and told me someone had fallen, but I still wasn't sure how bad it was.  Over the next 30 minutes, somewhere around 4 ambulances, 5 firetrucks, 4 fire dept. pickup trucks, and a cop all came on the site.  Turns out one of the guys fell 40 feet in between the wall of the ship and the pipe (cargo).  The guy was taken to shock trauma but last I heard was doing OK.  There's definitely a bit more to this, it was completely crazy and stressful, but that's basically what happened.  3 years at that job and this is the first serious accident we've ever had.  One of the other workers said something a few days later about that ship being haunted or something - the way things were going with it, I'd totally believe that.   Here is a small article about the accident.

Photo courtesy of BCFD.

I'd been wanting to have a girls day with my friends Heather and Vicky, and we finally made it happen.  We had a craft day where we made coasters, mugs, and painted flower pots.  I'm not a crafty person at all but it was a lot of fun.  We also got to play with Vicky's 2 year old son who is at such a fun age!  He has so much personality and loves having friends over to play with him.

At the end of the month it was finally time to get Josh from AIT.  My last day at work was the 23rd, and me and my sister headed to Busch Gardens on the 24th.  I wrote all about that here.  We had a great time and didn't want to leave!  For dinner, we met Josh and some of his friends at Longhorn Steakhouse.  Amy and I were so full from lunch and didn't really eat but enjoyed getting to know some of Josh's AIT friends.

Josh's AIT graduation was much smaller than I expected.  I knew there wasn't a lot of people graduating with him but it was literally me, my Dad, my sister, and one other guy there watching.  I'm glad we went though, and I know my sister and my Dad really enjoyed it.  It was short and sweet and such a proud moment.  I'm seriously so proud of him and all of his hard work.

After Josh's graduation, he had to do a ton of paperwork, so the rest of us went to Williamsburg to wander.  My sister had never been and my Dad hadn't been since he was in high school.  All we did was wander and take photos, but it was nice to spend time with both of them, especially with a move looming over us.   We ended up having lunch in Yorktown at Waterside Grille, which I had been to before and really enjoyed.

Once we were able to pick Josh up we got him something to eat and chatted with him for a bit.  My Dad left after that since he had to work the next day.  He just wanted to be able to chat with Josh a bit before he left.  After we dropped Dad at his car we struggled to figure out something to do.  Josh found this place called Rebounderz which is one of those trampoline places.  We had so much fun bouncing around and doing the ninja warrior course.  We also played some of the arcade games - my sister won 200 tickets off of one game!  We also realized we are not as young as we used to be.  My sister and I about killed our knees on one of the walls you can run up, and we were so sore later in the day and the next day.  No regrets though, we had so much fun!

There was so much moving drama this month.  At first we thought we'd have no choice but to do it ourselves.  So I booked a truck and some movers and ordered boxes and whatnot.  Then the day we were heading back to MD with Josh, we found out that we will get movers.  I had to cancel everything that I booked but luckily we got all of our money back.  There was a bunch of other drama too, but I really didn't enjoy being dicked around when it came to that.  It all worked out in the end though and our movers (at least the packers) were awesome.

On our way home we stopped in Fredricksburg to see Josh's brother, sister-in-law, and niece.  His brother had just gotten back from Deployment a few weeks before, so it was really nice to see them!  We visited with them for about an hour and a half before hitting the road again.  From Newport News to Fredricksburg we hit no traffic, but we hit a ton between Fredricksburg and home. 

The day after we got back, our friends threw us a small party.  It was very last minute because we were supposed to do it a different day, but our moving day got pushed up.  Only a few people were able to make it but I was so glad to see all of them!  We played in the pool, played cards against humanity, and met the newest little baby.  We also had a blast using snapchat filters on the kids!

We had dinner with my Dad's family on the last day of the month.  My Granny really wanted to see Josh before we left, so we scheduled dinner with her and my Dad at one of our favorite restaurants.  As it turned out, my Aunt happened to be off work that day and all of my cousins were able to make it, too.  That rarely happens, so I was happy to be able to see them all before we left.

The last bit of moving drama happened when we got photos of our new place.  I have never heard of a rental property having a washer/dryer hookup, but not the actual machines.  So, we had to order a washer and dryer which we obviously didn't budget for.  Luckily it is labor day weekend and sears was having a sale.  There is a sears near the base so I was able to get a washer and dryer for only $600.  Thank God for sales! 

Plans for September

As you're reading this we are moving what little belongings we took with us into our new home in NY.  Hopefully our stuff will come later this week and we can really get settled in here and start exploring our new home.  We have scheduled our internet and washer/dryer hookups for this week and hope to but done with the stressful parts of this move soon so we can start enjoying the area.

I really, really hope to find a job. So, I will probably be filling out applications until my eyes cross!

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