Day in the Life Fail

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Today's blogtember prompt is "A day in the life".    I really wanted to do this one since I have seen them around blogland but have never done one myself.  I wanted to do this while we were still living in MD and I was still working, but I completely forgot to take photos :(  and right now my day in the life posts would look pretty boring.  Netflix, Netflix, PX, Commissary, set up job interview, more Netflix, PX with Husband, Pizza, Netflix.   We just moved to our new place, we wont have our stuff for another few days, and we don't know anyone, so my days look pretty boring right now.  Getting a job interview was the highlight of my week.  I like working and having something to do, so I really hope I get the job!  Today, weather permitting, we will hopefully be exploring a bit of Canada.

So, rather than a day in the life post, I decided to write up each of the prompts that I didn't do and the one's I probably wont do, and why.

Most Memorable Birthday: To be honest, birthday's weren't a big thing growing up.  We had a family party and that was about it.  We did go bowling for my 10th birthday but that was about it.  Also, I honestly just forgot about this one.

House Tour: When I found out about this challenge half of my house was already in boxes, so I couldn't do a tour of our old place, and considering that we moved into our new place only a few days prior to this prompt there wasn't much to show.  We still don't have our stuff and wont for about a week.  I did really want to do this one though, and probably will do a bit of a home tour once our place is put together.

 *Husband and the old house.

Instagramers: Most of the people I follow on Instagram are either real life friends and other bloggers.  I don't really have much to share for this prompt.  I may post some of the charitable organizations I follow, but I haven't decided yet.

Recreate an Outfit or Project from another blogger:  Just not my thing.  My style is very simple and I'm not crafty, so I'll be skipping this one.

Guest Post: I may or may not do this one.  I haven't decided.  Not many people in my real life know about this blog.  I may ask my husband but he's got a lot on his plate right now, so we'll see.

I really hope to do all of the other prompts for Blogtember.  I think a lot of them are really good and I really enjoy reading other bloggers responses!

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