Life Update: July

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Seriously, what is life right now?  

This month has flown by so fast, I can't even deal with it.  I had to look back at my phone photos to figure out when I did things and what even happened this month.   Not that I'm complaining because I am officially in the month that my husband will finally be coming home!

I randomly had two days off in the middle of the second week of the month, so I spent them at the beach.  My best friend was still there with her parents and I actually drove her home to Baltimore on that Friday so she catch a flight back to Arizona.   But anyway, I actually got there on Tuesday night since I left straight from work and spent Wednesday and Thursday there before heading back with Alex on Thursday night.  She spent the night at my house and then I took her to BWI when I got home from work.  I was going to write all about my time at the beach but it started getting long, so that will be it's own post.

Our problem child was finally let go from work!  I know I shouldn't be happy someone lost their job, but seriously if you worked with her you would understand.  We have really huge pieces of equipment and part of our job is patrolling the site and making sure there are no fires.  Well, apparently this girl didn't think it was important to do her job and one of our stacker/re-claimers caught on fire.  Luckily someone who works up the street used to work at our site and called one of the operations managers.  This girl didn't even know there was a fire until the fire department showed up.  Luckily it was only a conveyor belt and could have been way worse.  Fire is not something you want to happen around tons and tons of coal.   She was actually fired a few days later because one of the Major's from my company came to swap out our vehicle, which had been in the shop, and caught her fast asleep.   Bye Felicia.

I recently started watching Scandal and I'm obsessed!  I finished the first season in like, 2 days!  I usually don't really like political dramas because there is never much comic relief, but I have a major girl crush on Olivia Pope, so I deal.

I finally finished my 101 in 1001 list!  I started the list in order to be involved in Macy's link-up, but I wasn't sure where we'd be living for the next few years.  Since I found out that we will be moving to Upstate New York, I have finally finished the list! You can check out the finished product here or here.

Of course, the highlight of my month was visiting Josh.  This time we went to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA.  We love Busch Gardens and always have a great time there!  This was our first time at Water Country and while we enjoyed it, we decided that we are not water park people.  After a while, a slide is a slide.  More on both of those at some point in the future.

This technically happened in August, but we are officially on the waiting list for on post housing!  We decided that living on post would be easiest for this first move, and we'll see how we like it and go from there.  The wait is approximately the same as the amount of time before our move, so YAY!

Plans For August

The best part of August will be my last day of work, which I August 23rd!  Then my sister and I will be making the trek to Williamsburg.  We will be going to Busch Gardens for the day before Josh's graduation and will probably go to Williamsburg after his graduation while he does all his paper work stuff.  We are hoping to stop in on the way home and visit with Josh's brother who just got back from Deployment.

This weekend I have a baby shower for a close friend, a night out with an old work friend and current work friend, and a day trip to Annapolis with my Eurotrip girls!

Other than that, most of my month will be inventorying our stuff, packing what I want to move with us in our personal vehicles, and spending time with friends and family.

My Five Most Popular Post in July Were:

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