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Josh and I got engaged on August 20th, 2012, just two days short of our 2 year dating anniversary.   Since today is our dating anniversary and Saturday was our engagement anniversary, I figured I'd share our engagement story. This story actually starts a few days before the actual engagement. 

Josh bought the ring on August 10 (it is on my warranty papers) and on August 12th his car got a flat tire.  It wouldn't be that big of a deal except that the stupid dealer we got it from never took the tire lock off, nor did they give him the key to it.  Since it was Sunday, the dealer was not open.  Not only could Josh not get to work that day but it made him late on Monday.

Also, he was really stressed out about having to pay for the tire.  This made me furious!  Of course I didn't know that he had just bought me a ring, so I was freaking out thinking he had nothing saved for this vacation we were going on.  I even called my Mom, completely furious (later she said she was trying so hard not to laugh or spit something out; she knew he just bought the ring).   Yes, I felt horrible after I figured it all out and apologized profusely

Then, to throw me off, he played a little trick on me.  He said that he owed money for some medical bills and that he was going to pay it off before we left (I should have known because he'd paid those off a long time ago).  We stopped by my Mom's house before leaving because we forgot to cut our luggage tags and while we were on her street pulling up to her house he faked getting a phone call confirming said payments.  So, I was definitely not expecting a proposal.

The first time he tried to propose was on the night of the fancy dinner.  However, this was the only night when the ship was kind of rocky, and since I get motion sick, I wasn't feeling too great by the end of the evening and just wanted to take medicine and go to sleep.   He originally wanted to take me out on the deck and do it there but it was starting to rain so I said I just wanted to go to sleep ... oops!

The next day was our first day on an island.  We got to Half Moon Cay in the morning and got off our ship for our first excursion, horseback riding on the beach.   I was very excited about this, so excited that I didn't even notice that Josh was completely nervous, that or he hid it really well!  I later learned that he hid the ring in his shoe while we did the excursion!  And that he was freaked out because he had to take his shoes off to get into the water on the horses and didn't want anyone to see it and steal it.

 After horseback riding, we had some time before we had to meet with our group to go kayaking.  While waiting, we just decided to pick a spot and chill on the beach.  At this point Josh was completely freaking out because he wanted to do it on the beach, but I was being obnoxious and not picking a spot.  He eventually grabbed two chairs and said, THIS is where we are sitting! In my head I was thinking, OK someone is a mister grumpy gills today, but I didn't say anything, I just put my stuff down, went to the water and enjoyed.  When I got out of the water and went up to him, he started saying things about enjoying our vacation and how he wanted to do it every year for the rest of our lives and some other things which are private, then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him :)

Unfortunately, because he didn't have a specific plan and was just waiting for the right moment, we don't have any pictures of the actual proposal, but some people were nice enough to take pictures right afterwards for us!

Looking back now, I laugh because I think of what a great job he did of throwing me off and what a great job I did at torturing the poor man.  He said there were so many times when he wanted to do it but I was pulling  him in 30 different directions!  He said when we got to the beach he was determined to do it because it was such a beautiful beach.  I am so glad he did! 

I couldn't have asked for a better proposal or a better ring!  He did a great job.

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