Busch Gardens, Virginia

Monday, August 29, 2016

I love love love this place! I was originally going to do separate posts on each trip to Busch Gardens, but I figured that would be silly.   So, here is a slight recap of all of our trips to Busch Gardens this summer.

I have zero pictures from our first trip because we didn't know about the lockers and didn't want to take our phones.  It wasn't originally the plan for us to go this day, and the weather was a bit cooler, but we were OK with it.  This was the day that we learned that active duty military gets one free day at Busch Gardens each year!  We definitely took advantage of that!   We hit up all of the roller coasters and that took most of our day.  We ended up eating lunch in "England" this day, I had fish and chips.   We had a great day and left completely satisfied with our time there.

The second time we went was at the end of July.  It was brutally hot out, but we lived.  We are roller-coaster people, so once again, we made our way through all of the roller coasters.  I can't remember what "country" we at in during this trip, but I'm sure it was good.  At around 2pm it started to rain, which was OK because that was the time the Irish Step Dancing show started.  We dipped in there and enjoyed the show.  When we came out it was still raining but it was a nice relief from the heat.  While we were standing in line for our last coaster of the day, operations shut down due to lightning in the area.  We stayed in line for about 20 minutes but it wasn't letting up.  We planned to leave the park at 4 anyway, so we just went ahead and left at this point.

The final time I actually went with my sister the day before Josh's AIT graduation. It was her first time there so I was super excited for her to experience my favorite park!  My sister decided to be a chicken shit and only ride one roller coaster.  I rode all of them except for Alpengeist because that one gives me a headache.   This was a great day because all of the lines were super short.  I was able to ride in the very front row of the Griffon, my favorite ride, with only a 15 minute wait.  Yay for weekdays and school being back in session.  After I rode the roller coasters, we checked out the Irish dancing show, the Aviary, got some food, and checked out some of the other rides.   I really enjoyed our day here and so did my sister.

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