Brantley Gilbert

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Way back in June, I went to see Brantley Gilbert with my sister, my friend Laurie, and Laurie's friend Audrey.   Laurie and I have been concert buddies for years and we knew I couldn't move away without us going to a concert this year!  My sister had mentioned wanting to go to a concert, too, so I looked for one that would satisfy everyone.   I saw that BG was going to be in VA at the end of June, which was perfect.  We ended up getting pit tickets at a great price!  We were super excited. 

The day of the concert was an adventure.  I decided I was going to drive Josh's SUV so we'd have more room and so we could open the hatch and sit in the back.  My sister and I noticed a slight squeaking sound when I turned it on for the first time, but it went away pretty quickly so we didn't worry about it.  We ran errands all morning and had no issues.  Then we got on 95 to go pick up Laurie and Audrey.  About 1 mile from the exit I needed, the check engine light came on and the car started shaking.   We pulled over and my sister noticed it was overheating.  Long story short, we called my Mom and she and her friend came down to look at the car and add some coolant.  We got the car about another half mile before it started acting up again, so I had to have it towed.  My Mom took my sister back to my house to get my car and she met me back on 95.   The tow truck was only a minute behind her so I left the keys in his truck and we went on our way.  The next day I found out from my mechanic that it was the water pump, thermostat and some belt thing.  Ugh.  On the positive side, at least it didn't happen while we were in VA.  Luckily we had planned to leave for the concert pretty early just in case we hit traffic, so time wasn't an issue.  

The rest of the drive went smoothly and the concert was awesome.  We tailgated in the parking lot for about 1.5 hours before heading in.  We headed in fairly early to try to get as close as possible.  For Colt Ford, we were a bit further back which I didn't care about since I'm not really a fan.  We managed to squeeze up a little further for Justin Moore and then we ended up getting pretty damn close by time Brantley Gilbert came on.  Some people got in a fight and a big spot opened up so we jumped right on that!

Brantley Gilbert puts on a great show and we had a fantastic time!  There was only one song that he didn't do that I was hoping he would.  My favorite songs that he did were "If You Want A Bad Boy" and "One Hell of an Amen".  One thing I love about country music concerts is that the artists are so patriotic!  This concert was no different.  Every single one of them thanked our military members and veterans.  Fantastic show and I will definitely be going to see BG again!

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