101 in 1001: Third Update

Monday, August 15, 2016

Completed Since Previous Update:

Visit Jamestown: Completed 6/26/16

Go to a concert with Laurie: Completed 6/20/16.  I went to see Brantley Gilbert with Laurie, my sister, and Laurie's friend Audrey.  We had pit tickets and it was fantastic! I'll eventually get around to writing about it.

Completed Before Previous Update:

Pay off my car: Completed 02/24/16
Get my Military ID:  Completed 02/17/16
Write weekly letters to Josh during Basic:  Last letter was sent at the beginning of March because that was the cutoff.
Visit Charleston, SC: Completed 03/21/16
Watch Josh Graduate Basic Training: Completed 03/23/16
Visit AnnapolisCompleted 04/30/16
Visit Yorktown Completed 3/24/15 
Double Savings in one year - Well, that happened a lot faster than I thought!

Watch Josh Graduate AIT: We finally have a date for this and it's next week :)  My sister and I will be driving down the day before and spending the day at Busch Gardens.  We, along with my Dad, will watch him graduate in the morning the next day and then we will all go to Williamsburg until Josh has all of his paperwork done.  I am so freaking excited for this, I can't even tell you.

Connect with Military Spouse Bloggers: I have made a bit more of an effort on this in the past month or so.  The blogs I've been following and commenting on are: Whimsical September, Anchors Aweigh, Finding Ithaka, Becoming Bailey, Marathons and Dogtags, and a few more.

Have a monthly Sister date:  Because of the Holidays we didn't really do this in November or December but it's not like I didn't see her, so I'm counting it.   January we just chilled.  February we went to the movies and watched 13 Hours and we also had a Fuller House marathon at my house.  March we finished Fuller House and went to lunch.   In April, we went to Annapolis for the day.  I forget what we did in May but I know we did something.  In June, we saw Me Before You in theaters and went to a Brantley Gilbert Concert.  In July, we had a random lunch date.   In August, we saw Nerve in theaters and will be going to Busch Gardens/Williamsburg.

Inventory All of Our Belongings: I started this a few days ago.  It's going to be a long tedious process.  I just want to make sure that anything that gets lost or broken during this move gets replaced. 

Read 250 Books: 38/250

Not Happening:

Visit the Air and Space Center:  We just decided we'd rather do other things when I go to VA.  I'm not sad about not completing this one, I added it on a whim anyway.

Visit Virginia Beach: We tried to make this happen but with the insane traffic it just wasn't worth it.  Plus, I'd honestly rather spend my time at Busch Gardens. 

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