Toulon, France: Day 2

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Our last full day with Miti was nice and relaxing.  I hardly took any pictures this day because we were focused on taking it all in and enjoying ourselves.

Miti had a dentist appointment in the morning so she told us to sleep as late as we wanted.  Kara and I did not argue!  When we woke up, Miti had set out so much food for us for breakfast.  Kara and I were thrilled to see cereal and fruits and NO CROISSANTS!  (We were so
sick of croissants at this point).  When Miti got home she took Kara and I to the flea market for a bit, then headed back home and we just chilled out at the house.  Miti's son then came over to help her out with some things around the house, then they left to go pick up Miti's grandson and his friend.

We all went for a swim when they got there until around dinner time.  Then something weird happened ;) ... The boys cooked dinner!  And would absolutely not let us or Miti help.  Even after dinner they would not even let us put our dishes in the sink.

After dinner Kara and I gave Miti some gifts that we brought from back home and spent some time with Miti before she went to bed.  Kara and I stayed up and watched the world cup game with the guys and then went to our room and talked about how cute the one on the left in the picture below is :-P.  Duh, we were seventeen, what else would we have done.

Our time at Miti's was fantastic and I definitely loved living as a local for a few days!  I actually wrote to Miti a few times after I got home and got a few replies :)  She is such a sweet lady!

Above is Kara and Miti.  The one of me and Miti is not flattering for either of us.  And below is Rita, Miti's dog.

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