Pisa, Italy

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

After two great days in Assisi, we left and headed for Pisa.   On our way, we stopped at the Nestle Chocolate Factory in Perugia.  This was kind of a bore.  Our tour guide was very quiet and half of us could not hear what he was saying at all.   We just kind of walked through the factory and then left.  

Our first stop in Pisa was lunch.  The lunch was nice and the restaurant had a cute little shop.  Pisa was actually pretty boring.  There really isn't much to see or do other than the tower.  We were free to wander around so a few of us just went shopping at the street markets and got our picture with the leaning tower (mine didn't turn out).  

After our short time in Pisa, we headed towards our final destination, Montecatini.   Before heading to our hotel we made a stop to take a Tuscan cooking course.  We were taught how to make pizza and then got to cook it in a brick oven.    We were able to eat our own pizza's plus the one that the chef made for us!   They were both really, really good!  I wish I had taken more pictures here!

When we arrived at our hotel we were so excited!!  It was a really cute hotel which I will talk more about in a different post.   We had some free time once we got there so we all headed to the pool for a swim.  I also got to room with 2/3 of my favorites, Brit and Kristen.  

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