Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monday, July 11, 2016

Our first stop after leaving Italy was Monte Carlo, Monaco.  I had mixed feelings about Monaco at the time.  It is definitely a beautiful country but there just wasn't much to do there for a 17 year old.  We actually only spent two hours there and I feel like that was enough time to see everything.  I would like to go back and see how I feel now that I am older. 

We just went on a walking tour with a local guide.  We saw the ports, Saint Nicholas Cathedral where Grace Kelly got married, the Prince's Palace, and the Grand Prix track.  We also got to see the local school and let me just say, I wish our schools were that nice!

Selena Gomez is in a movie called Monte Carlo and I love watching it now simply because I recognize a lot of the spots from that movie.  It's such a cheesy movie but I don't even care.
Above is a picture of the school in Monaco. 
This is where Grace Kelly got Married.

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