HomeStay: Toulon, France

Monday, July 25, 2016

One of my favorite things about my trip with People to People was the Homestay portion of the trip.  We were put into groups of two or three to live with a French family and experience everyday life in France for three days.   While most of us were super nervous because of the language barrier, it was nowhere near as problematic as we thought it would be.

After our day in Nice and Cannes, we met at a local spot to meet up with the families we would be staying with.  Kara and I were placed with Miti, an elderly woman who hosts students all the time.  Her and her son came to pick us up and take us to her house.  Her son spoke pretty good English and hers wasn't too bad either which settled my nerves a bit.  Miti lived in a town called Toulon.  Toulon is a military harbor town on the coast in Southern France, about an hour and a half Southwest of Nice and Cannes.

 When we got to Miti's house I was absolutely amazed by the view and by the house itself!  The first thing she insisted was that we go for a swim while she made dinner - we did not object!  Dinner was some sort of Quiche and for dessert we had some amazing ice cream!  That night we shared our pictures from home with Miti and called it a night pretty early.

The next morning we had an amazing breakfast - maybe it was only amazing because we had been eating croissants for two weeks straight, but either way, we enjoyed it a lot.  We had rolls with butter and a cereal called Chocapic which is pretty similar to Cocoa Puffs.

This day, we did a little shopping then went back to hang out at the house with Miti and her friend.   For dinner we went to the harbor and walked around for a bit before settling at a seafood restaurant called Le Mayol where Miti got us Mussels (in order to not be disrespectful I had to choke those things down, I do no like Mussels).   After dinner Miti took us to a beautiful little beach where we got to walk around and watch the sunset.  It was a great end to our first full day in Toulon.

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