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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

While staying with Miti in Toulon, I made sure to get lots of photos of the house because it was so different from houses I've seen here in the states.   Also, I really wanted to remember everything about this place because I was pretty much obsessed with it.  I really wish I would have thought to take a video, but my camera was clearly crap so the video probably would have sucked.  

Anyway ... this is Miti's beautiful home.

The only way I can think to describe the doors and windows are garage doors.  They literally rolled up and down with the push of a button.  It was so neat and a great way to open up the house. 

This was the bedroom that Kara and I stayed in.  It overlooked the Toulon Harbor.

View from our bedroom window.

Looking into the living room from the porch.

I am from the east coast so I had never seen a bathroom where the toilet was separate!  Then I saw it again when I went to AZ.  Maybe we're the weird ones??

Looking into the Kitchen from the living room

Then we head to the basement

Kara's Photos

The Views

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