Full On: Assisi, Italy

Friday, July 1, 2016

Our second day in Assisi was easily the best day of the trip.  We got to hang out with a bunch of New Zealanders working for a program called Full On.

When we first got to the building we were greeted by our leaders.  To get started, they had us playing some games (one was called Evolution but I don't remember the rules).  After hearing some stories were were split up into 6 groups, each group assigned to a different leader.  My leader's name was Ginny.

First thing after being split up, we hiked up a small hill and played a few games with our group.  I have them all written down but it would take forever to go into each of them, but they were super fun games and most were geared toward building teamwork.   We then had to get to know people in our group.  I talked to two girls that I already knew fairly well.  When we were told to switch, I talked to Ginny, our leader.  I learned a lot about New Zealand during our short talk.

After that we played even more teamwork games and had our lunch.  Then came the exciting part ... We were going to be repelling down a 100 foot castle wall! When we got to the castle wall, we were told that this wall was only open to People to People groups so not many people get to do it.

We immediately got fitted into our harnesses and helmets and were given instructions on how to get repel.  I was in the first group to go along with Rachel and Joan.   We got our pictures taken hanging over the side but I don't have a scanner so I can't share it, plus it is totally not flattering.  Repelling was so much fun and I wish we had the option to do it more than once!  After we finished repelling we headed back to the Full On building where we listened to some music, told some stories, and said goodbye to our Full On crew.

Walking around Assisi was so much fun.  It is definitely a pretty area and we had so much fun with our leader.   This was definitely one of the best and most fun days of our trip.

Assisi was definitely one of my favorite cities on this trip!  It was so beautiful and we had so much fun!

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