Eze and Cannes, France

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our first stop in France was to the Fragonard Perfume Factory in Eze.  I really, really enjoyed this tour!  Our tour guide was very informative and very easy to understand.  I learned a lot of interesting information about how perfume is made and the people who develop the scents.  I really loved a scent called Miranda, which I bought and still have.  I am sadly running out :(  I only got the one picture from Fragonard and none of my friends have any either, so I guess we weren't allowed to take pictures?

That night we checked into our hotel in Cannes and had just a fun night.  We went bowling at a local bowling alley and then there happened to be some kind of carnival going on right near our hotel which the leaders let us go to.  It was a lot of fun and it was nice to have an evening that was not all mapped out for us.  Our bowling team was Britt, Kris, Meagan Kristen and I versus Josef, Pierluigi, Will, Elliot and Mike and our team won!  We also got to eat dinner at the bowling alley which was kind of a nice break from the fancier food that we had been eating.

The carnival was so much fun!  We only rode on one ride but it was really neat to see some of the differences and similarities to carnivals in the US.  We spent a decent amount of time walking around and having a great time before we had to head back to the hotel.

We had an interesting time getting back to the hotel because it was gated!  We didn't think we'd be able to get back in but a car came out at the perfect time so we just ran through the gate before it closed.

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