Surprise in Rome

Monday, June 27, 2016

I know I said I wasn't going to do a day by day recap of this trip, but our travel day and our first night in Rome really does deserve it's own post!

Our travel day and our first night in Rome were eventful to say the least!  First, we realized while in the airport in Germany, that 5 people in our group were on a different flight than the rest of us and would arrive about 2 hours prior.  Thank goodness for one of the girls noticing this, it was completely random and totally not supposed to happen.  Luckily, our DM was at the airport in Rome to meet them and they got a few extra hours in Rome, lucky!

When we got to Rome, we collected our bags, met Josef then headed straight to dinner.  We had dinner at a small restaurant right next the the coliseum!  During dinner we were just sitting there minding our own business, talking about how super excited we were about being in Rome.  Then out of nowhere we hear the Spice Girls song "Wannabe" playing really loudly.  So of course, we jump out of our seats to see whats going on, it took a minute to figure it out - when we start seeing "floats".  Turns out there was a gay pride parade going around the coliseum!  It was definitely a unique start to our time in Rome!  I'm pretty sure the servers at the restaurant hated us because we pretty much ignored our dinner after that!

After our exciting dinner (I can't even tell you what we had because we were so interested in the parade) we ended up stopping at a random spot because we had issues with our bus, the bus and the driver changed at that point and we ended up sitting for a while.  After our bus situation was figured out, we headed straight to the hotel and everyone passed out!  We were exhausted!


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