Life Update: May

Thursday, June 2, 2016

May started out fairly slow.  I worked the first weekend and pretty much did nothing but work and workout during the first two weeks.  Also, a coworker put in his two weeks on the 10th, so we were back on overtime, much to my dismay. 

The second weekend in May I was finally able to go to Virginia and visit Josh!  It was a nightmare getting down there.  I was in traffic for four hours.  The trip was supposed to take 3 hours and ended up taking 7.  My trip home was also full of traffic and took 5 hours! Then Josh wasn't released until noon on Saturday, so that cut our day short.  Other than that, though, we had a great weekend.  We did a bunch of random things on Saturday because our plans fell through since we didn't have a full day (we didn't end up getting off the base until almost 2).  We ended up going to Barnes and Noble, playing mini-golf, and wandering around trying to find things to do.  We also had a great dinner at a place in Newport News called the Brickhouse Tavern.  I got a shrimp Alfredo dish that was delicious!   Since he got released early on Sunday, we decided to go to Busch Gardens!  Just FYI to all active duty military spouses, you and your service member get free admission to the park once per year.  So, we paid absolutely nothing to get in!  We had short lines for all but two rides, and managed to find a place with good food at a decent price (Squires in "England").  I love Busch Gardens and can't wait to go again later in the summer and hopefully take my sister!  I got absolutely no photos (except one at mini golf) because I kept my phone in the car when we went to Busch Gardens.  It was nice not to have to worry about carrying a bunch of stuff around.

One of my coworkers put in his two weeks, as I said above, but we hired someone really quick and this guy seems normal and like a good worker, so fingers crossed!  I don't think I can handle the people I work with for much longer.  My poor boss is ready to lose her shit so we're hoping this guy will be our saving grace.

The next weekend was my friend Kristin's baby shower.  She currently lives in Arizona so we weren't able to get her a bunch of big gifts, so I ended up just giving her a gift card and some clothes.  It was so great to have all my best girlfriends together again!  Three of my friends are currently pregnant and all of them are having girls!  Their due dates are all pretty close, too so it was fun to see the size difference that just a few weeks makes!

I was supposed to go to Annapolis again with my Europe girls but one of the girls ended up getting sick which was probably for the best because it was a shitty, rainy day.  We are now trying to plan a trip to NYC sometime this summer as well as a makeup brunch date!  These girls are so great, and while we don't see each other often, we pick up right where we left off each time!

I took a bit of an unintentional blogging break at the end of the month because something was going on with my stomach :(  I was woken out of a dead sleep by stabbing pains in my stomach and I felt like crap for a few days after.  It's better now but I have no clue what was causing the pain.

One of our problem people was suspended and will most likely be fired (this happened the same day as my stomach issues).  I shouldn't be happy that someone may lose their job, but our lives will be way easier with this person gone. 

Memorial day weekend was great.  I went to a cookout with all of our friends on Sunday.  We had crabs, went swimming, played beer pong, and caught up.   This was definitely much tamer than parties we've had in the past since a bunch of people are pregnant and there area lot more kids - which was fine because I definitely can't hang anymore!  I was in bed by 930!

I majorly failed at taking pictures this month ... that's why this post is almost picture-less.  And the one that is on here, I totally stole off Facebook.

Plans for June

 I am going to the beach this weekend, so that's a great start to June!  My best friend surprised her parents and is in town for a few weeks, so I'll be going to visit.   Her cousin will also be there which should be super fun!

I am going to see Brantley Gilbert in concert with my sister and two friends, which I am super excited for!

I am hoping to go to VA to visit Josh at the end of the month.  My sister is thinking about possibly coming with me.  She started a new job and has a more flexible schedule which she's stoked about.  So, what we end up doing that weekend will depend on if my sister comes or not.

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