101 in 1001: Second Update

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pay off my car - Check! 02/24/16
Get my Military ID - Check! 02/17/16  (this took a no time at all!  I was so surprised!) 
Write weekly letters to Josh during Basic - Check! Last letter was sent at the beginning of March because that was the cutoff.
Visit Charleston, SC - Check! 03/21/16
Watch Josh Graduate Basic Training - Check!  03/23/16
Visit Annapolis - Check! 04/30/16
Visit Yorktown or Jamestown - Check! 3/24/15 (Visited Yorktown but still plan to visit Jamestown)
Double Savings in one year - Check!  Well, that happened a lot faster than I thought!

In Progress:

Pay off all credit cards - We're a little more than  halfway there with this one :)  Josh's are paid off (and cut up) and mine are getting there.  One of them I'm almost done with and one of them I cut up and am not using anymore so I'm taking my time paying it off. After this, we are only keeping one card.

Have a Monthly Sister Date - Because of the Holidays we didn't really do this in November or December but it's not like I didn't see her, so I'm counting it.   January we just chilled.  February we went to the movies and watched 13 Hours and we also had a Fuller House marathon at my house.  March we finished Fuller House and went to lunch.   In April, we went to Annapolis for the day.

Connect with Military Spouse Bloggers - This is one I started putting a little more effort into recently.  My favorites that I have been following for a while, even before Josh joined, are Whimsical September and Anchors Aweigh.

Go to a Concert with Laurie - My friend Laurie and I are concert buddies for life!  We go to at least one concert per year, so we knew that we needed to find one ASAP for before I leave.  My sister also said she wants to go to a concert.  I got to thinking about who all of us like and Brantley Gilbert was the first to pop into my head.  Turns out he will be in NOVA in June, so I looked for tickets and found tickets for an amazing price in the pit (standing room).  We are so freaking excited!!

Sell Books I Wont Read Again - Ugh.  This is happening and I really don't want to talk about it.  I've sold a few to friends and made about $50, and now it's time to take the rest to a used book store and try to sell them.  I'm hoping I have good luck because all of my books are in great shape (I'm a bit of a Nazi when it comes to my books).

I have added more things to the original list since we have found out where we will be stationed.

I also made the list on the Day Zero Project website which you can check out here.

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