Nashville, Tennessee

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I had very high expectations for Nashville which may be part of the reason I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.  Also, we didn't do much planning or research.  For example, we looked up both the Country Music Museum and the Grand Ole Opry and it seemed like the Grand Ole Opry was more expensive but it wasn't (long story) so we chose the Country Music Museum which I totally would have changed.  I would like to go back to Nashville and plan a few days and do a bit more research.

We got there later at night after going to the UofT football game so I was very tried but we wanted to do some live music.  My first impressions were that the city was very dirty, but maybe that was just at night because it wasn't too bad during the daytime.  We started out the next day having breakfast at a place called the Frothy Monkey which ended up being a good choice.  After that we just kind of wandered.  There really wasn't as much to do as I thought there would be.  We ended up going to the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame which was OK.   We had lunch at some random place and then headed out to see the Grand Ole Opry building.  I really wish we had done the tour.  We ended up leaving Nashville earlier than planned.  We were going to stop by the Blue Bird Cafe but decided to just head back to Knoxville where we relaxed and got some sleep.

As I said, I think if I had done some research before we went, I may have enjoyed the city a bit more, but as it was, I enjoyed Knoxville way more.

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