Viriginia 2013: JMU

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

While Josh and I were visiting Luray Caverns and Charlottesville, we decided to stay in my old college town, Harrisonburg.  Obviously I can't go to VA without stopping at JMU. 

This was the first time that I have visited that I actually felt sad.  I really miss JMU, it is such a great school and the campus and surrounding areas are beautiful.   I would jump at the chance to go back right now. 

We walked around the campus for a while, just because I wanted to, then we headed to the bookstore because I never did get a magnet from JMU and I also wanted to get a window sticker for my car because my old sticker wouldn't come off of my old car.  While we were in there, Josh ended up surprising me with a really cute JMU hoodie to add to my collection of JMU clothing.

Fittingly, we left JMU and made a slight detour on our way to Williamsburg.  Instead of heading straight there, we stopped in Orange, VA and visited James Madison's home, Montpelier!

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