Life Update: February

Thursday, March 3, 2016

This month has been a major improvement over January!

February started off sad with two Sheriff's in my town being killed.  It was amazing though to watch this community really come together and support the families of the fallen officers as well as the Sheriff's department.   There are still fundraisers going on and it has been amazing to see what good has come of something so terrible.  It was also nice to see that our Governor (who I love) came right to HarCo. after it happened and spoke at both funerals.

The rest of the month has been pretty great!  My Dad and I were able to fix Josh's car and now it is running fine.  I had a bit of a scare with mine but my Dad said my car is running great, so that is good.  Also, since we got our taxes back I no longer have a car payment!!  WOOHOO!!

Also because of our taxes, we no longer have any thing left to pay on either of Josh's credit cards and I was able to pay down one of mine.  I love tax season, I really do.   Also, we decided that since we didn't get that much back from the State, that we were going to splurge on ourselves with that money.  Perfect timing because my Nook just took a shit on me and I would die at work without an E-reader.  It happened that the Kindle Fire was on sale for $50!  I snagged that right up!

Speaking of electronics - months ago (I'm talking like last summer) I dropped my phone on the gym floor while trying to sign in and the screen busted (gotta love iPhones).  I figured it wouldn't cost me anything to get it replaced since I pay a billion dollars a month for insurance (since I got the phone for free and all).  Nope.  $163 for me to get a new one.  Call me cheap but I wasn't paying that much to replace a phone I got for free, and I phone I didn't really even like.  So, I was paying my Verizon bill on the same day I bought my Kindle and noticed that my upgrade was available early!  I snagged that too and am now the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6 which I love way more than my iPhone!

If you don't live under a rock, you know that Fuller House came out on Netflix on the 26th!  My sister came over on the 28th and we got junk food and Pizza and binge watched Fuller House.  The day was made even better when Josh called right after my sister left!  He is doing really well and I can not wait to see him in about 3 weeks! 

The day before the Fuller House binge I went on a super cleaning spree through my house and everything is spotless.  I have no idea what got into me because I hate cleaning (but I love having a clean house) and usually do one room per day to lessen the pain, but Saturday I just did everything and then some.  It's been great because I've only had to spot clean each room this week!  Best thing ever.

My laptop which has been giving me issues for over a year is now fixed.  I had been using Josh's for the last few months because I knew it was going to cost an arm and a leg to get mine fixed.  I wasn't wrong.  But now it's working like new and I'm super happy about it!

We're not going to talk about work because that would just change the whole tone of this post.  However, we can talk about working out!  I've been consistently going to the gym and eating healthy (minus fuller house day, obvs) and am on week 3 of a new 6 week program I am trying.   It's going really well so far and I'm super happy with the results I've been seeing. 

I think that's all I've got for February.  Nothing super exciting but that's because March will be full of excitement!  I have booked my hotel and gotten my ticket for Josh's Graduation!  I am also going to be spending at least one day in Charleston beforehand which is also exciting.

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