Family Day, Fort Jackson

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

For me, family day was pretty much the best day ever.  I could not wait to see Josh.  Unfortunately, I misunderstood what he said on the phone to me that morning and thought he'd be all the way to the right of the stands, but what he meant was that he was to the right of the center box thingy.  Luckily we weren't seated for long anyway - and it gave me an idea of where to sit for graduation.

It started with five or so guys running out from the tree line with these smoke things which was really neat and then all of the graduates came out of the treeline and through the smoke.  I have a video down below of part of it.  It was such a great moment!   It was like a mad rush when they announced that everyone can head out to the field and find their family members!

Since Josh was not allowed to leave post that day, we spent most of the day driving around Fort Jackson.  We visited two of the PX's, we hung out at one of the parks and took a walk, we found Josh some much needed coffee, visited the BCT museum, and had dinner at the Officers Club. 

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