Charleston, South Carolina

Monday, March 28, 2016

Last week was Josh's graduation from basic training in the Army.  So, I traveled to South Carolina to see him and watch him graduate.  Family day was at 9am on Tuesday morning, so I left on Monday since it's a long drive.  I wanted to leave really early to beat traffic which would have put me in Columbia around 2 or 3 and would have left me bored at the hotel for hours.  I decided a while ago that I was going to go about one hour out of my way and make a stop in Charleston for the afternoon.  After falling in love with Savannah, I knew I had to check out her sister city.  I fell in love with Charleston and can not wait to go back and explore more one day!

I started at the waterfront park then just kind of made my way down to the battery then back up to the market stopping at different sights along with way.  I saw the Pineapple Fountain, Rainbow Row, The Battery, White Point Garden, The Old Exchange, Dock Street Theater, and City Market along with a ton of beautiful and historic homes.   I stopped for dinner at Fleet Landing Restaurant right at the top of the Waterfront Park and it was delicious!  I loved the crab dip and she crab soup!  After dinner I said goodbye to Charleston and made my way over to Columbia.

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