ABC Reads: April Update

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I totally missed last months link-up for the ABC Reads challenge.  These are the books I have read so far for the challenge.  I have provided links for the ones I have already reviewed.

R: The Retribution of Mara Dyer (1/17/16)
S: The Storied Life of AJ Fickry (3/11/16)
T: This is Where it Ends (3/8/16)


Family Day, Fort Jackson

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

For me, family day was pretty much the best day ever.  I could not wait to see Josh.  Unfortunately, I misunderstood what he said on the phone to me that morning and thought he'd be all the way to the right of the stands, but what he meant was that he was to the right of the center box thingy.  Luckily we weren't seated for long anyway - and it gave me an idea of where to sit for graduation.

It started with five or so guys running out from the tree line with these smoke things which was really neat and then all of the graduates came out of the treeline and through the smoke.  I have a video down below of part of it.  It was such a great moment!   It was like a mad rush when they announced that everyone can head out to the field and find their family members!

Since Josh was not allowed to leave post that day, we spent most of the day driving around Fort Jackson.  We visited two of the PX's, we hung out at one of the parks and took a walk, we found Josh some much needed coffee, visited the BCT museum, and had dinner at the Officers Club. 

Charleston, South Carolina

Monday, March 28, 2016

Last week was Josh's graduation from basic training in the Army.  So, I traveled to South Carolina to see him and watch him graduate.  Family day was at 9am on Tuesday morning, so I left on Monday since it's a long drive.  I wanted to leave really early to beat traffic which would have put me in Columbia around 2 or 3 and would have left me bored at the hotel for hours.  I decided a while ago that I was going to go about one hour out of my way and make a stop in Charleston for the afternoon.  After falling in love with Savannah, I knew I had to check out her sister city.  I fell in love with Charleston and can not wait to go back and explore more one day!

I started at the waterfront park then just kind of made my way down to the battery then back up to the market stopping at different sights along with way.  I saw the Pineapple Fountain, Rainbow Row, The Battery, White Point Garden, The Old Exchange, Dock Street Theater, and City Market along with a ton of beautiful and historic homes.   I stopped for dinner at Fleet Landing Restaurant right at the top of the Waterfront Park and it was delicious!  I loved the crab dip and she crab soup!  After dinner I said goodbye to Charleston and made my way over to Columbia.

Virginia 2013: Williamsburg

Thursday, March 24, 2016

After spending the day at Busch Gardens (which wont get its own post because I have no pictures) Josh and I decided to do dinner in Yorktown which is right outside of Williamsburg.  We did a little exploring then went down by the water to eat.   Our first little pit stop was to the Moore House.   This is where the negotiations for the surrender of the British Army happened on October 17, 1781.  Our second stop was to the Yorktown Victory Monument. I really loved this monument and it is huge!   You can read more about the monument here.

We then headed to dinner at the Riverwalk Restaurant.   The food tasted great, I got a seafood platter with about 6 different seafood items.  However, when we got home our stomachs were not too happy.   The restaurant was beautiful and right on the water, and the service was great.  My only complaint is my upset stomach about 30 minutes after eating.

We didn't get to spend much time in Yorktown but it was great to drive around and see a little bit of this town that is so important to the history of the USA.

The next morning was spent wondering around Colonial Williamsburg.  I wish we had, had more time to explore and that we weren't so tired.  Williamsburg was actually a really cute and neat town and next time we will definitely buy the package to go into all of the historical sites.   We decided not to this time because we knew we didn't have time as we had to get to Josh's Uncles house in Colonial Beach, VA for a birthday party.

Governor's Palace - Official Residence of the Governor of VA from 1699 to 1780.

The Courthouse - This is where Benjamin Waller read the Declaration of Independence out loud in 1776 after it arrived from Philadelphia.

The Capitol  Building - Used from 1705-1779.  It is two buildings connected by the archway and housed the VA legislature, the Council and the House of Burgesses.

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