Virginia 2013: Michie Tavern

Monday, February 29, 2016

After visiting Monticello, Josh and I were going to head straight to our next destination, Ash Lawn-Highland which was just a few miles past Monticello.   However, we were starving and needed to eat before doing another tour.  We had passed Michie Tavern on our way up to Monticello and it was just 1/2 miles down the road.  I had also picked up a flyer for Michie Tavern while at Monticello.  We decided to give it a try and I am sure glad we did!!

Michie Tavern was built in 1784 by Corporal William Michie and provided food and lodging for travelers during this time.   It was open and active until the mid-1800's when stagecoach travel began to diminish.  At this time, the tavern become Cpl Michie's private residence. 

A tour is offered but we decided to just eat lunch.  If you eat lunch at the tavern, the tour is only $2 per person!  Part of me wishes we did do the tour and part of me was OK with just eating there.   Lunch is buffet style and includes southern foods made with 18th century recipes.  There is also a server who will bring you more food if you wish and desserts.  I also loved that all of the employees were in Period attire! 

Obviously, it was self seating.  We chose to sit on the enclosed porch area so that we had a nice view. 

 This was my lunch.  I was in love!  Mashed Potatoes, Biscuits, Green Beans, Fried Chicken and Pulled Pork.  I also got an apple cider along with the water that is pictured.  It was all delicious and I would eat there again in a heartbeat!

Of course this homemade peach cobbler was the best part of the meal!  Josh and I ordered two but the server suggested that he bring out one and then decide.   That was an excellent suggestion because there was no way we each could have finished one!  We barely finished it while sharing!

 Pictured above are the areas for seating.  Our table is in the top photo and the others are indoor dining areas. 

I absolutely loved this place!  It was a little pricey at $17 per person plus extra cost for any drink (other than water) and desserts that you order, but in my opinion it was totally worth it.  The food was absolutely to die for if you like a good southern meal!   The service was impeccable!!  Everyone was so nice and I loved that they stayed in character! 

If you are ever in the Charlottesville area, I would HIGHLY recommend Michie Tavern.  Please note: The Tavern is open specifically for lunch, the hours are 11am to 330pm.

* Obviously this vacation was pre-vegetarian days.

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