101 in 1001: First Update

Monday, February 15, 2016

I can't believe it's finally time for our first update!  I have not completed anything on my list yet but there are quite a few things that I have been working on.

Pay off my car - I guess I could count this as done because it will be as soon as my tax money hits my bank account.  But that hasn't happened yet (hopefully in the next few days).  Once it does, I will have my car paid off about 8 months early. 

Pay off all credit cards - Once again, I am waiting on tax money for this.  I will be able to pay off both of Josh's credit cards with the rest of the tax money and have a little left over to put on my card (I love tax time!).  So this one is a work in progress but I hope to have them completely paid off before we move.

Write weekly letters to Josh during Basic - Winning!  I usually write a few times per week :) I'll consider this done once he graduates next month, but I will have no problem completing this one!

Get my Military ID - This one will actually be getting done either today or tomorrow.  I had to make multiple phone calls to the local Army base to figure out if I needed an appointment and I finally spoke to an actual human this past Friday and got it figured out. 
 Get my ACE Personal Trainer Certification - I went online to look this up the Saturday after Thanksgiving and what do you know, the Premium Plus package was on sale for the same price as the Standard package.  I could not turn that down, it was a $200 savings!  So, right now I am working my way through my book, study guide, and online courses.  I have six months to use my exam voucher, so I am hoping to take the exam in April or May, depending on what is available in my area.  Hopefully I will also get my group fitness and health coach certifications once I am eligible for MYCAA.

Read 250 Books - This is one I will be working on for the full 2.75 years.  Right now I am at (21/250).

I've been working on a few others a bit, but these are the biggest ones and the ones that should be completed in the near future!  Can't wait for the next check in!

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