Would You Rather? Travel Edition.

Monday, January 18, 2016

I fee like all of my post lately have been book or reading related.  Probably because reading has been what I've mostly been doing lately.  When I saw this "Would You Rather" post pop up on a few of my favorite blogs, I knew I wanted to participate. 

Sleep in a comfy place with a clean bed but in a dodgy neighborhood OR sleep in a bad room (soft bed with springs popping out and skuzzy shared shower with cold water) in an excellent, 24/7 safe location?

I'm going to go with comfy in a dodgy neighborhood.  I don't need a fancy hotel but I do need a decent bed.  I'm a bear when I don't get a good night sleep.  I can deal with the bad neighborhood just while we're sleeping.  We wouldn't be spending that much time at the hotel anyway.

Take a whirlwind trip around Europe with a full itinerary OR spend three months soaking up all that Asia has to offer?

This is a hard one.  At first I thought I'd say Europe because there are more places that I want to see in Europe than in Asia.  However, I would rather take a longer time to really explore Europe rather than go really fast through a bunch of places.  There may not be a lot of places that I want to see in Asia but I can take my time through the spots I want to go to (Bali, Ha Long Bay, Angkor Wat, Boracay, Taipei, ect.).  So, I'm going to surprise myself and everyone who knows me and pick three months in Asia.

 A chauffeur that drives you to and from wherever you want in a vehicle of your choice OR a 5-star personal chef who prepares you every meal of the day?

 Award for the easiest question ever!  I would totally want the chef.  First, because I hate cooking and I am a horrible cook.  Second, because I have control issues and I would rather drive myself.  It's rare that I even let my husband drive me.  Bring on the awesome food!!

Stay in an all inclusive resort where you are waited on hand and foot but can’t leave the vicinity OR embark on a 10-day cruise where you are able to island hop?

Another easy one!  I'd totally pick the cruise.  I'm cool with the whole relaxing thing for about a day and then I'm ready to go do something fun!  Resorts are not my ideal vacation spot.  I would rather wake up somewhere new each day and find new fun things to do than sit by a pool all day.

Take a trip with your significant other to a big party city like Ibiza OR with your best friends to a romantic destination such as Maldives?

This one took some thought but I'm going to go with Maldives with my girls.  Josh and I aren't huge partiers and I'm honestly not sure we could enjoy ourselves in a party town.  We may be able to find some things to do, but if Josh and I are going to go somewhere I'd rather do something we'll enjoy.  I do know that my girls and I would have a great time in the Maldives.  We've already done multiple girls beach trips, so I know we'd find something fun to do - or make up something fun. 

Be stuck for a week on a mountaintop with an amazing view OR on a deserted island with a beautiful beach?

MOUNTAINS!  This isn't even a question.  I like the beach just fine, but if we never went to a beach again, I'd be fine with that, too.  I could not live without being in or seeing the mountains again.  I feel at home in the mountains which is why I loved living at JMU and why I want to live in Colorado one day!

Lose all of your money OR all of the picture you have ever taken?

Lets be honest, losing all of my money wouldn't be much anyway.  Plus you can always make more money, but once pictures are gone, they're gone forever.  So obviously I'd rather lose all of my money. 

Experience an epic waterslide OR an epic zip line?

Again, this is an easy one!  ZIP-LINE!!  I've gone in 4 different countries and have loved it every single time!  It's so much fun!  I like waterslides just fine, but zip-lines are so much better!  The photo below was taken in Jamaica.

Call one place home for the rest of your life OR move somewhere new every year?

I'm going to go with calling one place home.  I like moving to new places and experiencing new things but I HATE the act of moving (packing, unpacking, finding an apartment)! That is one part of military life I am not looking forward to.  So, as long as I'm still allowed to travel - I'm cool with finding a place we really love to settle down.

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