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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

On Tuesday the 5th, I went with Josh to Fort Meade to send Josh off to Army Basic Training.  As with the rest of our Army journey so far, nothing went as planned. 

He got to Fort Jackson for reception week and was supposed to ship to basic on Monday the 11th.  Of course, that didn't happen because they decided he needed a medical waiver for a scar on his wrist.  So he got held in reception - the waiver came the next day.  Then they said he may ship out by Friday the 15th.  Nope. 

They finally shipped out to basic today, thank goodness! I'm ready to get this whole thing over with so I can see him again!  Adding on an additional week has really made me unhappy.  Welcome to Army life, I guess?

Luckily he was able to have his phone for the week that he was stuck at reception and he was able to send me some photos :)  and I'll also post some from Fort Meade.

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