The Time I Held Monkeys

Monday, December 7, 2015

This is one experience I definitely wasn't expecting.  I got out of the water after an amazing tour of the reefs to find Josh taking photos for a guy on the beach.  I ran to see what was going on ... and he was HOLDING MONKEYS!!!  To say I flipped out would totally be an understatement and you bet I paid my $5 to get a chance to hold them!!  The guy Josh was taking photos of took my photos and he snapped like 20 photos, and I'm glad he did!

I do cringe a little looking at these photos.  They definitely inspired me to go back to the gym ... I really should have thrown a shirt on.  But I can't not share these!  I also included a photo of the guy who Josh was taking photos for.  He was on our excursion in Belize and I told Josh that, that guy is him in the future.  He could talk to and be friends with anyone.

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