The Everglades, Florida

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

When I was looking for flights for this cruise, the two cheapest times were early morning and in the evening.  Since early morning wasn't an option, we got a flight out of Fort Lauderdale for 630pm.   That meant we had 10 hours to kill after docking in Miami.

They offer tours with airport transfers for people with flights after 4, so we decided to do the Everglades tour because Josh was dying to see alligators and I wont turn down a visit to a National Park.  I had read that it was a fine tour - nothing spectacular but definitely a good way to kill time before a late flight.  I agree.  It was a cool tour and a good first look at the Everglades, but it definitely wasn't a lot of time.  I would love to go and see more of the Everglades, but this was a good introduction ... and Josh saw plenty of alligators.  We also got to see a little alligator demonstration and learn a bit about them which was cool.  Once the tour was over we dropped people at MIA and then headed to FLL to catch our flight - and I'm pretty sure I was holding back tears the entire way to the airport.  This cruise was definitely our best.

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