Tabyana Beach: Roatan, Honduras

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The second part of our excursion in Honduras was a trip to Tabayan Beach which was a short ride away from our Canopy adventure.  Tabyana is gorgeous!!  I had the absolute best time here!  The best part is that they are very good about keeping people from harassing the guest (people offering massages and shell horns etc) and they have multiple guards who look over your stuff to make sure that no one steals from you.   Our guard (whos name I couldn't spell if I tried) was awesome.  He introduced himself and made sure we knew where everything was.  I was able to talk to him a little bit about the Island and culture which was great - and none of my stuff was stolen so he definitely did his job well.

I had some great experiences here including snorkeling and holding monkeys!  Each of those get their own post but I will say that both were awesome.  The snorkeling was done on our own and it was $10 to rent snorkeling equipment for the day.

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