Snorkeling at Tabyana Beach

Friday, December 4, 2015

What surprised me the most about Tabyana was the amazing snorkeling.  You could rent equipment for $10 for the day and go out on your own.  There was an area where kayakers sat because at that point you need a guide.  They kayakers have a flotation device which you hold on to and it pulls you behind the kayak.  They do this to protect both snorkelers and the reef as there are some areas where it is dangerous to touch the reef.  The cost of this tour??  A good tip!  I gave my guy a very good tip because that little tour was incredible.  It was actually much better than what I saw in Belize.  All of these photos are taken with my underwater camera - best investment ever!  Also, to say I am obsessed with snorkeling is an understatement!  This is what made me want to try scuba diving and I'm so glad about it because we all know how much I loved scuba diving!!

The photos above where taken when I was snorkeling alone.  The following are ones I took while on the kayak tour of the reef.  This isn't even a quarter of the photos I took (by myself and on the our), I had a very hard time narrowing it down!  Also there is a photo below that I took about halfway through the tour that shows how far out we were.

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