Christmas in NYC

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

In December of 2008, my friend Kristin and I took a bus trip up to NYC to see NYC at Christmastime.  Her Mom, Aunt and Cousin went too and we stayed with them for a bit but mostly headed out on our own.  The bus ride to NYC from Maryland is about 3 hours.  We were lucky and didn't hit much traffic (we left super early) and made it in almost exactly 3 hours.

We started off by Radio City Music hall before heading towards Rockefeller Center to see the skating rink and Christmas Tree.   I had heard it was huge but my God, that thing is ridiculous!  Our next stop was time square where we ran into the Naked Cowboy and checked out stores such as Toy's R Us and the M&M store.  The last place on our list was Central Park which we had a great time exploring; it was probably my favorite spot in the city.  We totally wanted to do a horse and carriage ride but the price was just a little too high for us at the time!  We ended our time in NYC by heading back to Rockefeller Center and seeing the tree at night.  We had a great time and it was a fantastic first visit to NYC for me!




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