Mayan Ruins of Tulum

Monday, November 2, 2015

Since I majored in Anthropology in College, I was super excited about this excursion.  I have always wanted to see some of the Mayan ruins and was a little sad that we didn't see the ruins in Belize last year.

The day started in Cozumel where we caught a ferry to Playa del Carmen.  The ride was about 30 minutes and was pleasant for the most part, though it did get a bit rocky once we got close to the port.  Once we got to the port we headed to our bus.  The bus ride to Tulum was about 40 minutes.  We didn't mind though because our guide, Angel, was fantastic and was telling us all about Mayan culture and the ruins the whole time.   Once we got there, there it was a bit of a walk from the entrance to the actual ruins but once again, Angel spent a good bit of it educating us about the Mayans.

Once we got to the ruins we were on our own to walk around.  I liked this and disliked this at the same time.  Though there were plaques and such that told us about the different buildings, I would have preferred to hear it from a guide and then been set free to wander.  We all really loved seeing the ruins.  I would definitely go back if the opportunity came up.  I only have two complaints.  One, it was so freaking hot - there's nothing anyone could have done about that but holy shit.   Two, we really didn't have enough time to thoroughly explore the ruins the way I wanted.  That is one downside to cruising.   However, the ruins themselves were amazing as were the beaches - totally worth the visit!

Once we got back to the bus they had water, cold towels, and snacks for us which was definitely very much appreciated.  One the bus ride back Angel let us all pass out which was much appreciated.  We were dropped back by the port and shopping areas in Playa del Carmen to explore for the rest of the day.

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