Honeymoon Cruise: The Ship and Days at Sea

Monday, November 16, 2015

A little over three years ago, Josh and I went on our first cruise and got engaged on said cruise.  When discussing what we would do for our honeymoon, it wasn't even a question, we were going on a cruise.  Josh is pretty easy to please with where we go, as long as there is pretty blue water, he's down.  So, I chose to return to Central America, which I fell in love with when I went to Costa Rica.   Our trip went to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Belize City, and Roatan.  Josh wasn't thrilled about Belize but I found an excursion that wouldn't really take us into Belize which was a bummer for me but it made Josh feel better.   The cruise, which we took in November 2014, went out of Miami but we flew to Fort Lauderdale so we spend a night there before being transported to Miami to get on the ship.

Our ship was the Carnival Splendor.  It was larger than our last ship but I feel like the layout was really weird and hard to get a handle on.  This was our first time getting a balcony room which was a great choice because we did spend a great deal of time out there, and the room was bigger with more room.  The room was simple which was fine because I don't really care to pay for fancy.  Overall, we really enjoyed our time.  Our first day at sea was mostly spent laying on the top deck getting some sun and hanging out on our balcony.  We also watched the hairy chest contest and Josh did the limbo contest. 

Our dinner buddies were no where near as cool as the ones on our first cruise but we did eat dinner in the dining room most nights.  We skipped the first elegant night mainly because we just didn't feel like getting dressed up and we skipped one other dinner because there was a show we wanted to see that ran right through it.  The last two nights, there were shows that were amazing!  I love watching live shows!  We also went to comedy shows a few nights in a row, both were great!  We also saw a hypnosis show which was hilarious.  (Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures of any show but the hypnosis show).  Our last day at sea was spent pretty much the same as our first, laying out and getting sun, hitting the casino and arcade a bit and seeing a show.  Overall, we had a really great time on our honeymoon cruise!

After going through my pictures I realized that I did not take many photos on the ship at all! 

The land in the photo above is Cuba.  It killed me to be that close and not able to stop there!

Josh ate snails at the second elegant dinner.

This is a Bucket List Item:

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