Cozumel, Mexico

Monday, November 23, 2015

Our second stop on our honeymoon cruise was Cozumel, Mexico.   This was my first experience with a "touristy port" type of deal.  In the Bahamas, we got off the ship and there we were, we were in the city and had access to pretty much everything and it was more authentic.  Here, the port was touristy and built pretty much for the tourist so there was definitely a lack of authenticity which I wasn't a fan of.  It was harder to get out of the port area and not very walkable, which made me happy that we decided to do an excursion.  We got to see more of Cozumel this way.

I will get into our awesome excursion tomorrow, which took us into downtown Cozumel.  The port, while tourist oriented was still very nice.  There were lots of shops which made buying my magnet fairly easy, and there were several restaurants which we took advantage off after our excursion.  Unfortunately, other than shop and eat there wasn't much to do in the port.  However,  between the excursion and the port we did manage to stay off the ship for most of the day.

Cozumel wasn't my favorite stop but it also wasn't bad.  Our excursion was awesome but I was pretty indifferent about the rest of Cozumel.  We knew that Cozumel was a stop on our next cruise so we decided right then and there that we would do an excursion to mainland Mexico.  So, I was excited to know we were going back to Mexico and would be able to see what else Mexico had to offer.

I don't know what's going on with Josh's face in these next two pics and he would kill me if he knew I posted these, but they're good ones of me :-P 

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