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Friday, November 13, 2015

A few years ago I came across the Day Zero List website.  Basically what it is, is you have 1001 days to complete 101 tasks of your choosing.  I made a list a few years ago but come nowhere near finishing because my life changed so much during those 2.75 years that some of the items were impossible.  With our impending move I figured when we get our first duty station it would be the perfect time to start a new list and include all of the things we want to do in our new home.  However, Macy announced a link-up last week and I want to participate.  So, since Josh's new AIT location is so much closer to home than the original and since there are a few things I'd like to do in MD before we leave, I figured why not start one now and just leave a bunch of items blank and add them in once we know where we'll be moving.   So, this list that I'm about to share is just the things I want to do while I'm still living in MD. 

November 16, 2015 to August 13, 2018


Pay off my car
Pay off all credit cards
Pay off one student loan
Double savings in one year
Double savings again by end date
Put together a financial plan and stick to it

Watch Josh Graduate Basic Training
Write weekly letters to Josh during Basic
Watch Josh Graduate AIT
Get Military ID
Connect with Military spouse bloggers


 Visit Charleston, SC
Go on a road trip
 Go to one Amusement Park
Visit DC
Visit Philly or NYC
Visit Harpers Ferry

Visit Annapolis
Visit Fort McHenry
Visit Antietam
Visit Havre de Grace
Go to the Aquarium

Have biweekly family dinners 
Have a monthly sister date
Say yes to all invitations (within reason)
Go to a Concert with Laurie
Have monthly girls nights/days

Visit Williamsburg
Visit Busch Gardens
Go to Yorktown and Jamestown
Visit Virginia Beach

Do the declutter challenge
Organize important documents
Pack all of Josh's belongings (that he wont need before we move)
Sell books I wont read again
Organize our move
Inventory all of our belongings
Find a job in NY

Finish German Rosetta Stone
Read 250 books (93/250)
Finish the 50 States Reading Challenge
Buy a new bedroom set and kitchen table
Get my ACE Personal Trainer Certification
Take a free online course


Visit the Finger Lakes
Visit Rochester
Visit Niagara-on-the-Lake
Visit Thousand Island Park
Visit Syracuse
Visit Lake Placid
Visit Boldt Castle
Go to the NY State Fair
Hike in the Adirondacks
Explore Watkins Glen State Park
Visit at least 10 Vineyards in NY (4/10)
Visit the Black River Falls   
Visit the Thousand Island Lighthouses
Visit Chimney Bluffs State Park
Visit the Secret Caverns
Swim in a Great Lake
Visit Six Flags Great Escape
Visit Letchworth State Park
Ride down the Bobsled run in Lake Placid
Visit Old Forge
Visit Howe Caverns
Visit Chimney Bluffs State Park
Climb the Whiteface Mountain Steps
See Blue Mountain Lake from Castle Rock
 Go to the Renaissance Festival
Visit Farm Sanctuary


Visit Vermont
Visit New Hampshire
Visit the Ben and Jerry's Factory
Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston
Visit Providence, Rhode Island
Visit Six Flags New England
Visit Salem, Massachusetts
Visit Litchfield, Connecticut (because Gilmore Girls)
Visit 5 small New England towns


Visit Montreal  
Visit Ottawa 
Visit Niagara Falls
Visit Toronto
Visit Mont-Tremblant
Visit Algonquin Provincial Park
Visit Kingston, ON
Visit Quebec City
Ride Maid of the Mist in Niagara Falls
Go to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto 
Skate on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa

*due to our journey to debt freedom, we will not be traveling before the end date. 

Visit at least 1 new country
Go on another cruise (on a new cruise line)
Visit 5 new states
Go back to Arizona


Go Skiing
Go Kayaking
Go Camping


Invest in a new layout/design
Follow 5 new blogs (5/5)
Clean up my blog reading list
Meet at least 1 blog friend in person
Record a Vlog
Grow my blog following by 50 people

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