Tranopy Tour: Chairlift

Monday, October 19, 2015

When I was looking through the excursions in Jamaica I was less than impressed.  There didn't seem to be many options and a lot of the reviews were not great.  Originally Josh and I were looking at doing Dunn's River Falls but the reviews all said it was so crowded that it was hard to enjoy.  After a lot more research we decided on the Tranopy tour which included a chairlift, zip line, bobsled, and a pool - all of which we thoroughly enjoyed.  This was the only excursion that all of us went on together.

The first part of the day was taking a chairlift up to where the zip-line was.  We actually ended  up on the chairlift 3 different times; once on the way up, once going from bottom of the zip-line back up to the bobsled and then back down to meet our driver.   I really enjoyed this even though it was basically just transportation.  The views were amazing and it was nice to just relax and enjoy our surroundings.   The rides were a little long at about 15-20 minutes each way, but with views like these, I wasn't complaining!

This is a Bucket List item:

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